Tuesday, September 26, 2006


As rock bands blasted and tailgate parties served up barbecue and brew, thousands of people poured into the streets Monday night, hoping to forget about Hurricane Katrina during a Mardi Gras-like celebration of the Saints' first home game since the storm.
Welcome back!The NFL returns to New Orleans
New Orleans 23 Atlanta 3

Crowds swamped the area around the Louisiana Superdome in a human sea, creating a huge traffic jam for the team's emotional return and the reopening of the stadium, which underwent $185 million in repairs to erase damage done during and after Katrina. "This is exactly what the city needs," said Saints season ticket holder Clara Donate, 58, who lost her home and all her possessions to Katrina's floodwaters.

Ready for some football????? WTF how about the blatant attempt at spoon feeding, no wait shoving how much this game meant to the people of New Orleans? When the Falcons win here in Atlanta, we as residents don’t get a damn check in the mail, so this was a victory for the Saints, Players, and Owners and those who own business in the French Quarter(which I heard 50 times at least in the telecast is back to normal) 5th or 9th ward winning anything last night? Nice touch U2 and Green Day two bands who probably between them have know idea what a forward pass is in football. Should have let Mos Def hit the stage and perform Katrina Klap:

Verse II
It’s dollar day in New Orleans,
It’s where water everywhere and baby’s dead in the stree (ee eets),
It’s enough to make you holler out,
Like where the fuck is Sir Bono and his famous friends now,
Don’t get it twisted man I dig U2,
But if you aint about the ghetto, Then Fuck You Too,
Who care bout Rock N’ Roll when babies can’t eat food,
Listen homie that shit ain’t cool,
It’s like dollar day for New Orleans,
It’s where the water everywhere and homies dead in the stree (ee eets),
And Mr. President’s a natural ass,
He out treatin’ bruthas worse than they treat the trash,
God save these streets,
One dollar per every human being,
Feel that Katrina Clap!
See that Katrina Clap!
God save these streets,
Quit bein’ cheap brutha freedom ain’t free!
Feel that Katrina Clap!
See that Katrina Clap,

USA 7 WAR on Terror 0

Hey but the fun dosen't stop there right, those NFL executives no how to pump a cause right? even if facts show otherwise, let's examine Pat Tillman former Arizonal Cardinal DB. the Arizona Cardinals defensive back who famously volunteered for the Army in the spring after 9/11, giving up a $3.6 million N.F.L. contract extension. Tillman wanted to pay something back to his country by pursuing the enemy that actually attacked it, Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Instead he was sent to fight a war in Iraq that he didn't see coming when he enlisted because the administration was still hatching it in secret. Only on a second tour of duty was he finally sent into Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan, where, on April 22, 2004, he was killed. On April 30, an official Army press release announcing his Silver Star citation filled in vivid details of his last battle. Tillman, it said, was storming a hill to take out the enemy, even as he "personally provided suppressive fire with an M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon machine gun."

Pat Tillman's case is itself a replay of the fake "Rambo" escapades ascribed to Pfc. Jessica Lynch a year earlier, just when Operation Iraqi Freedom showed the first tentative signs of trouble and the Pentagon needed a feel-good distraction. As if to echo Mary Tillman, Ms. Lynch told Time magazine this year, "I was used as a symbol." But the troops aren't just used as symbols for the commander in chief's political purposes. They are also drafted to serve as photo-op props and extras, whether in an extravaganza like "Mission Accomplished" or a throwaway dog-and-pony show like the recent teleconference in which the president held a "conversation" with soldiers who sounded as spontaneous as the brainwashed G.I.'s in "The Manchurian Candidate".
Strike up the half time performance provided by The Goats.

The Goats titled "Typical American", although recorded and released when Daddy Bush was president the last verse has a very haunting prophecy feel to it and rings so true today.Reviewed by many to be one of the best hip-hop bands of all time.
Picked as one of the top forty albums made in Philadelphia ever!
Featuring live instrumentation and three of the rawest vocalists in hip hop.
Sadly, the albums “Tricks of the Shade” and “No Goats, No Glory” are no longer available anywhere outside of getting lucky in some used record store.


Military is a mockery for all to see
Be all you be is just another trick that's up their sleeves
But ya better believe that you'll be grieving when ya ain't receiving
What was promised don't be atonished cause ya won't be leaven
They reeled ya in like your skin had fins
Now you're poundin' sand for another man's sins
To each his own to each his own they say
But I'm gonna blow a bone and you can march 'til the cows come home
You likes alone and me direct your own ???
But when you come home in a box
Green draws, green pants, green socks
Typical American kid, I think not

I'm not your typical Amerikkkan I'm not your typical Amerikkkan

On to the lastest additions to the vault

#424 - Beckenbauer Allround color: Off White / Fairway Green / Black
The superb Adidas Originals Beckenbauer Allround lifestyle shoe was launched in 1982 as an all-purpose football shoe and training shoe for Franz "Der Kaiser" Beckenbauer.

#425 - Adidas Gazelle sample colorway red/green and white, shoe will be launched I believe later this year or early next.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Discovery can be a Wonderful Thing

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Discovery Channel, with the exception of A & E and Cartoon Network Adult Swim, my tv stays pretty much position on this channel. Here are some of the following shows I enjoy bit for less than obvious reasons.

1. Dirty Jobs
Stuck in a dead-end job? Daydreaming about a new career? Combing through the classifieds for your next calling? Well, what about these jobs?

Roadkill Collector: Must be able to work long hours braving oncoming traffic while picking up creatures of various size and breed and in various states of decay. Benefits include working outdoors. Strong stomach a plus.

Catfish Noodler: In search of people who can catch potentially 100-pound catfish with their hands only. Must not mind sticking limbs in holes in search of game and getting bitten as a result.

Welcome to Dirty Jobs, the new Discovery Channel series that profiles the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable — yet vital — ways.

Our brave host and apprentice Mike Rowe will introduce you to a hardworking group of men and women who overcome fear, danger and sometimes stench and overall ickiness to accomplish their daily tasks. Not one to just stand by, each week, Rowe will assume the duties of the jobs he's profiling, working alongside rattlesnake catchers, fish processors, bee removers, septic-tank technicians and other professionals: average folks tackling extraordinary tasks that simply must get done.
Brave? that jack ass is getting six figures for simply spending a day as the less fortunate sort of like that guy who does the in 30 days series and who has parlayed that into a pretty good career living other folks lives briefly I might add, favorite episode to date 30 days in state penitentiary? right if that was real prison day 2 "Man Love" initiated and would have ended the segment.

Hey Mike here is a list of jobs that I would like to see you tackle in the near future:
Crackhead : In search of people who can smoke their entire life in a glass and then spend entire days devoted to scrapping up enough money to do it all over again.

Crash Dummy: In search of people to drive at high rates of speed and brace for sudden impact.

2. Meerkat Manor
With all the love, squabbling, self-sacrifice and rivalry found in any family, a group of meerkats struggles to survive in Africa's Kalahari Desert. Animal Planet's new 13-part series, Meerkat Manor,is All My Children meets Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Don't let their cuddly appearance fool you though — there's a good reason these meerkat families are called a "mob."

Narrated by Sean Astin of The Lord of the Rings and 24, Meerkat Manor was filmed over the course of a 10-year Cambridge University study. From family quarrels to love affairs to backstabbing worthy of a Shakespearean tale, these fuzzy reality-TV stars pack a huge dramatic punch.

With cameras recording their every move, Meerkat Manor introduces viewers to the Whiskers, a family of meerkats, revealing their personalities over the course of the series. Researchers call the Whiskers' matriarch "Flower," but she's neither delicate nor sweet — she doesn't let anyone boss her around!

This show is appealing because although I don’t know any “merkats” personally they act a lot like folks I inter act with on a daily basis, a sort of hmmmm N-word appeal to their antics I would say reminds me a lot of that behaviour pattern In light of the breakthrough of these series would like to offer one up from a new series created by me

Hood Rats

Narrated by Samuel Jackson award winning actor and current start of Snakes on a Plane, and was filmed in 3 day study. From gold digging to spontaneously taking their clothes off for no earthly reason any time or place. Follow along as they consume a steady diet of alcohol and corn dogs in an inner city dwelling.

3. The Jeff Corwin Experience
Emmy winner Jeff Corwin has been working for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems around the world since he was a teenager. Animal Planet audiences best know Jeff as host of THE JEFF CORWIN EXPERIENCE, one of the most popular shows on cable television. The series reaches over 13 million viewers in the United States and is viewed in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Every WILD WEDNESDAY at 9 p.m. ET, starting June 15, 2005, TV viewers get to see Jeff in an exciting new program, CORWIN'S QUEST. In this adventurous series, filmed over many months in five continents, Jeff explores several themes or sensory qualities of animal behavior, including sound, smell, diet, defense, attack and survival.

I like this show but for the morbid reason of wanting to see this Jeff “bite” it and this carried over to just about everything I watch on television from Cops which I always root for the bad guy and sports which I hate all other teams except New York…wait Hate the Mets and the Jets but I am from Brooklyn.

BRISBANE, Australia (CNN) -- Videotape of Australian "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin shows him pulling a deadly stingray barb from his chest just before he died. Irwin's manager John Stainton said Irwin was being videotaped diving on a reef off

Australia's northeast coast for a television show.
He told Australia's Network 10 that Irwin managed to pull the barb out of his chest but said it was too late, as the poison had already entered his body.

Irwin went into cardiac arrest within moments, news reports said.
Stainton described the footage of his friend dying as "terrible and shocking"

Shocking????? I beg to differ a shock would be him dying in his sleep or something of that nature, this is well expected that his crazy ass would bite the bullet in this or a similar fashion.

What’s shocking is where have they found all these damn “string ray” experts who now get too chime in on the danger of this species? Yeah you don’t say?? WTF

A few things in life, you don’t have to pre-inform me of impending danger, take for instance when the local news states the suspect is “armed” & “dangerous” that would be a given, what else is there armed & mild-mannered, armed & a bit of an introvert? Give me a break

Sneakers next week

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


LOS ANGELES - Get ready for a segregated "Survivor." Race will matter on the upcoming season of the CBS show as contestants will be divided into four tribes by ethnicity. That means blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians in separate groupsThe announcement was made on CBS' Early Show. Host Jeff Probst says the idea "actually came from the criticism that 'Survivor' was not ethnically diverse enough." He says the twist fits in perfectly with what "Survivor" does, saying the show is "a social experiment. And this is adding another layer to that experiment." Probst says contestants had mixed reactions to the racial divisions.

Ok what’s the new spin on this really? All reality based shows already “overstate” the obvious we normally stick to our own kind when you cut through the BS. They are exceptions to this rule of course pro athletes (speaking of which do you think his handlers persuaded Tiger to loose the goatee cause he look a lot like a Black/Asian store keep right Andrew Young?

"Andrew Young", the American civil rights leader who was hired by Wal- Mart Stores to improve its public image, has resigned from that post after telling an African-American newspaper that Jewish, Arab and Korean shop owners had "ripped off" urban communities for years, "selling us stale bread and bad meat and wilted vegetables

This is no new spin on television this goes back throughout the history of TV from game shows, to the Lakers vs White guys….wait I mean the Celtics

Examine the MTV successful longest runningReal Worldwhere folks stop acting and start getting real?? YEAH right where every season the one or two minorities are usually out of place in a house full of drunk Anglo-Saxons. Hey face it at the end of the day we are usually drawn to those who resemble us in my opinion, I laugh when people exclaim that they don’t see color first? WTF for me and I consider myself of reasonable intelligence but I see your ethnic make-up first, now that said I don’t draw any biased from it but I have yet to see a colorless face on my travels.

One of my favorite all time classic shows happens to pit groups vs groups but all in the chance to win prize money, "Family Feud" was one of the most successful game shows launched in the 1970's. Mark Goodson came up with the idea for "Family Feud" from one of his other hit game shows, "Match Game." The "audience match" round of "Match Game" featured panelist Richard Dawson and a contestant trying to match the correct response to an audience survey. The segment became a huge hit with audiences and soon the survey, Richard Dawson and the "Family Feud" were on the air.

I can recall as a youth my mother (RIP) brought the board game and encouraged the kids from the neighborhood to play, my first indication that COLLEGE was a must do on my list! While that was years ago still remember one David Wilson on my team and some of his answers as follow (bear in mind David was an 8th grader)

Question: “Besides Scramble name a way to prepare eggs”
David: “ HOT”

Question: “Besides cows name something on Old McDonald farm”
David: “ Trees”

Question: “An occupation where you use your hands”
David: “Throwing Rocks” WTF??????

Ok enough ranting and raving moving to the sneaker vault and one pair to unveil and pretty neat story line that BKNY Diva touch on last week involving NY’s own Stephon Marbury who has decided to keep the price tag off his new shoes and apparel under 20 bucks. Here are the release all black #420 Starbury and truth told not a bad looking shoe in my opinion.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Despite the incriminating statements Karr made to reporters and law enforcement officials in Bangkok last week, questions have surfaced as to whether the slight, soft-spoken schoolteacher could have been involved in the grisly killing of Jon Benet.

Karr's immediate family strongly believes he had no involvement in the young girl's murder, according to family spokesman and attorney Gary Harris in Clayton, Georgia.
Harris, who is not representing John Karr, told CNN in a phone interview that family members do not remember Karr ever missing a Christmas gathering prior to his 2001 estrangement from them.

Ok how about we just stop giving quacko’s such high profile status really? Couldn’t they have just got a DNA sample and compared at the lab before any of this hit the airwaves to prove or discount this suspect? I think more amazing than his seemingly admittance of the crime is the ease he has applied and hired for various teaching jobs, does the world really find white guys that unassuming? I mean they involved everybody but homeland security when I applied to teach at the university.

Here are a few crimes of note that I would like to confess and come clean (and sub sequential get my free business class trip and class of champagne not too mention media coverage)

1.Kidnapped the Lindbergh baby
2.I have eaten more women than Jeffrey Dahmer
3.Cracked and reset the Da Vinci Code
4.Killed Nicole Simpson wait actually OJ really did that
5.Witness the Killing of Hip-Hop, yes another Kevin Federline dig!!!!!

Britney Spears’ hubby Kevin Federline capped off the eighth annual Teen Choice Awards on Sunday with an enthusiastic version of his single “Lose Control” — his first time performing on network television

It wasn’t genius, but it wasn’t half bad either.

Beg to different it was complete 100% effort and dreadful, have research several religious doctrines and there is no condemnation for hating Kevin in fact encourage by most Islamic and Protestant religions/. Hey this sets white guys back (for a change) 25 years in Hip-Hop and how come Puffy and others find the cute white kids who can dance, who the hell were those uncoordinated kids he had on stage? Thought one was going to break into the robot or some shyt? lol

"America's Most Hated" features a lyrical style that is a great departure from what can be heard in "PopoZão." According to the New York Daily News, West Coast rapper William "Ya Boy" Crawford has claimed authorial credits for the song, as well as K-Fed's "F*ck the Media" (he has made a point to distance himself from "PopoZão"). Ya Boy's website features links to photographs of himself and Kevin Federlilne as printed in Star Magazine. As of August 2006, Ya Boy remains one of Kevin Federline's top eight Myspace friends. In the cultures of rap and hip-hop, it is generally seen as disingenuous to employ ghostwriters or to attain notoriety with lyrics penned by other artists.

His perfomance was as about suprising as hearing one if the N'Sync Guys were gay wait that is a suprise because I thought all of them were GAY!

As a rap star, he's been known as Sticky Fingaz, but in his most recent acting roles, he's gone by Kirk "Sticky" Jones. Either way, the man they call Sticky has had quite a successful career, from his start in the rap group Onyx, to his acting stints on shows like The Shield and Over There.

Sticky: Everything. He's just so cool, you know? He's a vampire. Everything about it. He's got super powers. And not only that, but I love the whole machine that's behind it. Especially Spike TV, because they're so edgy that you can do so many things with it. They're not being all, "We can't show this" and "We can't show that." We're really walking a fine line with what we can and cannot show.

IGN TV: Have you been able to do much of the fighting or stunts on the show?

Sticky: I do 90% of my own stunts.

Stunts? WTF has anybody watch this show? If you think they slow the pace down for Steven Segal (Easy to Kill) fat-ass in movies, then wait till you see Sticky Fingazs and his un-cat like quickness. I have no probably with having success in all genres (music, tv, movies)but seriously didn’t some black guys actually attend 4 years school to learn the craft of acting Larenz Tate, Allen Payne? Anybody? Self professed Hip Hop head but normally rappers are a little limited range-wise playing anything other then (insert n_word here) or the pretend cat they play when they record the hardcore records right So much for throwing your guns in the air ONXY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok on to the Sneaker Vault (only one pair to view today will reload next post)
#418 Kobe Crazy's 8 limited edition colorway bone/brown/orange stocking up for the winter what can I say :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SOUL MATE ALERT !!!!!!!!!!

Do opposites really attract? Can love be found at your fingers tip? The folks at these on-line dating services certainly seem to think so and if testimonials were not enough, they all seem to enlist a resident ex not enough, they all seem to enlist a resident expert who by all accounts looks to have not engage with the opposite sex if not for the whole invention of the internet and online dating

The good folks at match.com have enlisted the service of none other than that lovable mean-spirited quack, Dr.Phil (who if not for Oprah folks wouldn’t recognize him from Dr McCoy) We are not talking medical science, but man to woman connections and has anyone taking a good look at Dr Phil for that matter? I thought it was hilarious to watch him tell overweight people what they need to do/ WTF when he just polished off a damn pot roast in the green room more than likely. Who is Dr Phil banging? I will pass on the advice, sort of like taking my truck to have a once over from hmmm Stevie Wonder? No thanks

EHarmony - America's #1 Trusted Relationship Site, committed to helping you experience the joy and fulfillment that come with every successful relationship. They use the helpful insight to that well renowned doctor of love Dr.Warren? wow imagine finding Mr or Mrs Right just at the stroke of my keyboard unless you are on myspace.com then stroking a keyboard takes a whole different meaning I am told.

Since one day I too will be given the distinguish title of Dr. I thought would be a great time to jump into the online dating foray with my own site Reading Thru the Lines.com. Even have a few sample profiles that will assist you with selecting that soul mate.

Female 35 Location: Texas
Race: Hispanic
Profile: Meduim to Thick build

Thick or medium size has become the battle cry and most over use term in modern society in regards to the describing the form of the female anatomy. Once had a blind date the girl claim 5 ft 3 and medium size, slight problem she was 5 ft 3 both vertical and horizontal. Decided only thing medium size in life are fast food fries and pick up trucks.

Female 26 Location: Alabama
Race: Black
Profile: Athletic Build

A little about me...Christian woman, FOR REAL! I don't play, I'm serious about that! That means, I attend services regularly and I'm not just a pew sitter (we don't even have pews!) I'm just trying to be about My Father's Business

**Chicks who scream church the loudest upfront, eventually scream the loudest that night* nuff said!**

Male 32 Location: Atlanta
Race: Black
Profile : Slim

I'm a very laid back, not jealous or possesive, I believe in letting people be themselves and I expect the same thing in return. I like sports, gym, reading, cooking, and listening to music. I don't have time for games

Hey I live in San Francisco wait actually Atlanta but same thing, and this screams GAY!!!! Never met so many “straight” cats always inviting cats to hang out gym, club? WTF I have 2 male friends past 10 + years and that is sufficient, if I want to know anything else I enlist the aid of females not dudes!

Male 22 Location: New Jersey
Race: Black
Profile: Athletic

Hi,I'm Kevin, I'm very passionate,at the same time like privacy, big time college athelete with aspirations of playing pro ball. I'm a free spirit

**Nothing screams white chicks like pro ball aspirations right **

OK lastet addition to the sneaker vault below:

#417 Kobe Crazy 8's retro re-issue colorway white/sunshine yellow/blue (hey most of us forgive you for the little thing out in Colorado you know :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can I Get a F**k YOU

I would like to thank the folks at BET for making my Wednesday nights TV viewing pleasure at its finest.

DMXSOUL OF A MAN (Wednesday 9:30pm) – First off you know any show that has to use sub-caption for me to understand the speaker and it’s not on Uni-vision is going to be special? WTF. I find this show amusing not for the premise of good vs. evil struggle that dwells in my buddy Earl (X) but for the constant attempt by all acquainted with him to suggest the world is crazy and not crack that makes his grown ass insist on stopping for egg sandwiches wee hours of the morning, while wasting precious studio time.

Tashera Simmons – The devoted wife and self described “bestest” friend by DMX, will not take any shots at her she is after all married to DMX right.

Then there is his entourage (not as witty as the HBO cats)and they all seem to have official titles when giving face time there is Grandpa Pezee (executive assistant) ?WTF if you spend most the day in a wife-beater and smoking blunts following behind a guy and living in his crib, you are a FLUNKEE not a freaking assistant.

Ali Simmons – road manager but seems to be the go to guy when X rides one of his 30 automobiles (old 64’s etc) on the no paved Arizona roads and catches a flat every single time? Get a clue or a pick up truck dumb azz!

DMX splits time in Arizona where they seem more tolerant of his wild ass and not sure what to make but there is an older white neighbor Buddy Wood – who seems to have a genuine affection and wisdom for Earl, and proclaims him as his only black son? WTF

Memorable moment – In the conveyance store DMX (stoned) looks in the camera and ask “What’s the best thing about now&laters(delicious candy for those of you with no hood ties)? When they in your pocket”? WTF. awwww wisdom from a guy who still occasionally growls for no real rhyme or reason.

Keisha ColeTHE WAY IT IS (Wednesday 9pm) – This show while it amuses me also teaches an age old fact you can take the person out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of Keisha Cole black azz or something like that. I am sorry if her behavior is keeping it real then from hence fore I have decided to “keep it phony!!

I enjoy her music but there has to be someone else to put a show around Latifah? Alicia Keys? Mary J? etc. The star of this show is her sister who seems to start drinking about the same time roosters start crowing and it’s non stop. She eventually makes an ass herself once getting ready to fight in the supermarket over Keisha best friend picking the wrong salad dressing for her sister to eat later? WTF. She then explains it’s only because she loves her sister and can’t be as close? Hood Rat your sister has a career and you don’t but DMX is short one flunkee, oops I mean assistant J

Memoriable moment : Preparing for a Plantuim Party she takes her sister and crew to Neiman Marcus then looks in the camera and says “I know my sister is out of her element right now”? You think? What would give that impression really? WTF

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome me back like Kotter

I watched the return of “Pee Wee Playhouse” (won 22 Emmy’s) last night and it boggles the mind what the attraction was for this show or self loving Paul Reubens, ? I remember going to the movies to see his big screen release but probably coheres by some chick to see that or had a bout of gayness early on but grew out of it? I just realize Phil Hartman (RIP) SNL fame, was a part of the cast but the price of admission Laurence Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis? WTF

I don’t know what the hell was going on in Hollywood at the time but going to assume, was tight to get an acting gig! LoL

HAPPY 25th Anniversary to MTV, I remember spending countless hours watching early on to see Run DMC or any black entertainer of the fledgling network, now of course fast forward 06, and they are more Black (ghetto-sense) than any other next work with shows ranging from “Yo Mama” to Real World (which seems to be the same premise angry black, gay dude, and drunk ass white folks) any way cheers to you!

NFL season is upon us so as an Atlanta resident but New York native have circled October 15th on the calendar and will be seated in the Georgia Dome when the Giants smack fire out of Vick (Ron Mexico) ass!

On to the sneaker vault and my lastest addition.

#415 Adidas Rio Plus vintage sample trainers colorway : maroon/red / frost / stl.blue actually soccer style shoe but giving a walking bottom rare release.